Jira Software Fundamentals Bootcamp

This course invites various professionals to get an understanding of how to work with Jira.
Duration: 4 Days
Hours: 16 Hours
Training Level: All Level
Single Attendee
$349.00 $583.00
6 month Access for Recorded

About the Course:

JIRA is the most popular Agile project management tool used by software professionals to manage Agile projects efficiently. JIRA is also used for bug tracking and issue tracking during software development. JIRA helps in planning, tracking the team’s work, managing releases, and reporting the team's performance. 1000+ add-ons of JIRA can help one to get the most out of JIRA software. JIRA can be integrated with the existing tools and the workflow can be upgraded with other developer tools. The capabilities of JIRA can be leveraged in the space of Knowledge Management, Real-time collaboration, continuous integration, etc. Be it Scrum or Kanban or hybrid Agile methodologies, JIRA is an efficient tool for planning. Helps in accurate estimations using various estimation techniques like Story points, t-shirt sizes, hours, etc. Value-driven prioritization can be done with a simple drag-and-drop method. Real-time collaboration helps in knowing your team’s work and keeps everyone on the same page. The state-of-the-art reporting capabilities of JIRA help the team to gain insight into their performance. One can change the workflow and various options in JIRA according to the team size which emphasizes the scalability capabilities of JIRA.

This is not a Jira Administrator Training so customization options of Jira will not be covered in this session. 

Course Objective:

  • The learners will be able to interact and work with Jira flawlessly in Scrum or non-Scrum projects. Also, they will be able to use features like Filters, Boards, Reports, Dashboards, JQL, and many more.

Who is the Target Audience?

  • As the course starts with basics and covers every single option of Jira (In-Built) anyone can join. Common audiences intended are developers, Designers, Testers, Product Owners, Scrum masters, Project Managers, or anyone else.

Basic Knowledge:

  • Participants don't need any pre-requisite for this training. Just be ready with your process where you want to use Jira.

Total Duration: 16 Hours
What is Jira
Creating an Instance
Creating Project
Navigational Overview
Creating Release and Components
Creating Product Backlog
Creating Sprints
Starting a Sprint
Working with an issue:
  • Pints to be discussed   
    • Creating an Issue
    • Attaching a File/Screenshot
    • Cloning an Issue(Epic/Story/Task,Bug)
    • Commenting on an Issue
    • Creating a Sub-Task
    • Editing an Issue
    • Emailing an Issue
    • Labeling an Issue
    • Linking Issues
    • Logging Work on an Issue
    • Scheduling an Issue(Due Date)
    • Viewing an Issue’s Change History
    • Watching and Voting on an Issue
    • Issue creation Best Practices
Issue Management & Filter
Searching an Issue
Basic Filter
Advance Filter
JQL(Jira Query Language)
Saving a starred Filer
Sharing a saved Filter
Editing a Shared Filter
Subscribing Starred Filter
Bulk Update Issue
Import Issues from Excel
Managing Jira Boards
Creating a Scrum Board
Creating Kanban Board
Creating a Scrumban Board
Editing a Board
Card Layout, Card Color
Adding Quick Filters
Working Days
Filters on boards
Issue Details view
Sharing an Issue
Moving an Issue
Cloning an Issue
Watching an Issue
Re-assigning an issue
Time tracking of the issue
Commenting on issues
Dashboard and Reporting
Create Dashboard
Add Gadgets and Customize
Add filters as gadgets
Share Dashboards
Generating Reports
Adding reports to Dashboard
Working with Apps(Add-on)
Intro to Marketplace
Installing an App(X-Ray)
Navigating options of the App
Adding Tests
Running Tests
Getting Test Reports
Intro to Roadmap
Intro to Workflows
Intro to Confluence