Kotlin Online training

on 09-04-2018,12:29:05pm

Kotlin online Training :

Kotlin is a trending course and statically typed programing language and most advanced to Java coding. kotlin coding runs and can compile the source code with JavaScript. Kotlin full version of coding released ion November 28th  2017. With kotlin its every easy to develop coding for android applications .when compared to java it is modern secure concise and powerful language for developing applications. Some built in applications with kotlins are Evernote, lyft, reedit, Pinterest..etc.

Who can take this course:

  • Java developer
  • Android developer
  • JavaScript developer
  • Fresher’s
  • One who strong with the concept of c#, swift, Scala can  also take this course.


Ittrainingsonline provides kotilin online training by leading I.T trainers .Our trainer will teach from the basics to in depth on how to develop kotlin applications. Ittrainingsonline  extended kotlin course  across the world through kotiln online training U.S , kotiln online training Russia, kotiln online training Canada ,kotiln online trainings India.