Oracle RAC DBA


RAC is an option to the award-winning Oracle Database Enterprise Edition. Oracle RAC is a cluster database with a shared cache architecture that overcomes the limitations of traditional shared-nothing and shared-disk approaches to provide highly scalable and available database solutions for all your business applications.


Oracle Real Application Cluster Introduction

    • Oracle RAC Features
    • Oracle RAC Technology Hierarchy
    • Oracle RAC Components
    • Installing, Configuring and Managing Oracle RAC

Oracle Grid Infrastructure

    • Cluster Overview
    • Grid Foundation Components and Architecture
    • Grid Infrastructure setup

Oracle Clusterware overview

    • Oracle Clusterware Components and RAC
    • Oracle Clusterware Software and Storage
    • Oracle Storage Subsystems
    • File Types used by a RAC Database
    • Methods used to Share Database Files across a Cluster

Oracle ASM Architecture

    • Create and Manage ASM Disk Groups
    • Create and Manage ASM Cluster Filesystems
    • Installing Automatic Storage Management
    • Configure ASM Storage

Real Application Clusters Database Installation

    • Oracle RAC Pre-installation Tasks
    • Create Oracle Groups, User Accounts and Directories
    • Validate and Prepare the Hardware and the Operating System
    • Network Configuration

Database Creation

    • Storage Options for Database Files
    • Creating a Cluster Database
    • Background Processes Specific to Oracle RAC

Oracle Clusterware Administration

    • Controlling the Oracle Clusterware Stack
    • Administrating Cluster files
    • Back Up and Recover Oracle Cluster Registry
    • Back Up and Recover Voting Disks.

Diagnosing the Oracle Clusterware components

    • Oracle Clusterware Main Log Files
    • RAC Diagnostic Infrastructure

RAC Database Administration

    • Cluster Database Instance Administration
    • Automatic Undo Management and RAC
    • Quiescing RAC Databases
    • Transparent Data Encryption and Wallets in RAC
    • ASM Instance and Crash Recovery in RAC
    • Cache Fusion discussion

Backup and Recovery of RAC Database

    • Protecting Against Media Failure
    • Oracle Recovery Manager


    • Workload Dispatching
    • High Availability of Services in RAC
    • Change Service Thresholds
    • Using Distributed Transactions with RAC

High Availability of Connections

    • Fast Application Notification
    • Load Balancing Advisory
    • Transparent Application Failover

Node Addition/Removal

    • Adding node to the cluster
    • Evecting node from cluster

RAC Advanced Topics

    • Single Node to RAC conversion
    • RAC to single node conversion
    • Adding a Non RAC database to cluster