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We offers online SQL SSIS ,SSRS and SSAS Training with in-depth Practical approach An impeccable training course that is exclusively designed with Basics through Advanced data mining Concepts. All our training sessions are Completely Practical.

Who should go for this course?

This course is designed for professionals aspiring to make a career in Business Intelligence.

Software or Analytics professionals having background/experience of any RDBMS, ETL, and OLAP or reporting tools are the key beneficiaries of this course.


SQL Server Integration Services

Introduction to SSIS & Data Warehouse

    • Need for SSIS and ETL / DWH Entities
    • Data Warehouse Design and SSIS
    • DW Components and SSIS Tools
    • SSIS Configuration and Catalog DB
    • Control Flow Tasks Architecture
    • Data Flow Tasks and ETL Architecture
    • Data Pipelines and Data Buffers

SSIS Connection Manager

    • Connection Managers Introduction
    • OLE DB Connection Manager
    • ADO Connection Manager
    • ADO.NET Connection Manager
    • Cache Connection Manager
    • EXCEL Connection Manager
    • File Connection Manager
    • SMO Connection Manager

SSIS Sources

    • ADO.NET Source
    • Excel Source
    • OLE DB Source
    • Flat File Source
    • XML Source

Basic ETL Entities in SSIS

    • SSIS Data Types and Data Conversions
    • SSIS Local and Global Variables
    • Dynamic Precedence Constraints
    • Dynamic Connection Managers in DFT
    • Data Flow Transformations and Usage
    • Handling ETL Enumerations in SSIS
    • ETl with Loops & Indexed Connections

SSIS Expressions & Package Debugging

    • Conditional Precedence Expressions
    • SSIS Parameters Usage and Variables
    • Control Flow Breakpoints – Usage
    • Data Flow Data Viewers and Audits
    • SSIS Expressions & Debugging Options
    • Debugging SSIS Packages & Limitations

SSIS Transformations

    • Aggregate Transformation Basic Mode
    • Configure Multiple Outputs in Aggregate Transformation (Aggregate Transformation Advanced Mode)
    • Audit Transformation
    • Copy Column Transformation
    • Character Map Transformation in SSIS
    • Data Conversion Transformation
    • Derived Column Transformation
    • Row Count Transformation in SSIS 2014
    • Row Sampling Transformation
    • Percentage Sampling Transformation
    • Conditional Split Transformation
    • Multicast Transformation
    • Import Column Transformation
    • Export Column Transformation
    • Pivot Transformation in SSIS 2008R2
    • Pivot Transformation in SSIS 2014
    • Unpivot Transformation
    • Cache Transformation
    • Union All Transformation
    • Sort Transformation in SSIS 2014
    • Merge Transformation in SSIS 2014
    • Inner Join Using Merge Join Transformation in SSIS 2014
    • Left Outer Join Using Merge Join Transformation in SSIS 2014
    • Right Outer Join Using Merge Join Transformation in SSIS 2014
    • Full Outer Join Using Merge Join Transformation in SSIS 2014
    • Lookup Transformation
    • Lookup Transformation Using OLE DB Connection Manager
    • Lookup Transformation in Full Cache Mode
    • Lookup Transformation Case Sensitivity
    • Fuzzy Lookup Transformation in SSIS 2014
    • Fuzzy Grouping Transformation in SSIS 2014
    • Term Lookup Transformation
    • Term Extraction Transformation
    • Term Extraction Transformation – Extract Nouns Only
    • Term Extraction Transformation – Extract Noun Phrases Only
    • Term Extraction Transformation – Extract Nouns and Noun Phrases
    • Term Extraction Transformation – Exclusion Tab
    • OLE DB Command Transformation
    • OLE DB Command Transformation – Delete Operations
    • OLE DB Command Transformation – Update Operations

SSIS Control Flow Tasks

    • Bulk Insert Task
    • Execute T-SQL Statement Task
    • Execute Package Task in SSIS
    • Execute Package Task – Executing Packages in File System
    • Execute Package Task – Executing Packages in SQL Server
    • Execute Package Task – Executing Packages present in the Same Project
    • File System Task
    • File System Task – Copy Directory
    • File System Task – Copy File
    • File System Task – Delete Directory Content
    • File System Task – Delete Directory
    • File System Task – Delete File
    • File System Task – Move Directory
    • File System Task – Move File
    • File System Task – Rename File
    • File System Task – Set Attributes
    • Change Data Capture (CDC)
    • Send Mail Task
    • Script Task
    • Slowly Changing Dimension (SCD)
    • Transfer SQL Server Objects Task in SSIS 2014
    • Transfer SQL Server Objects Task – Transferring SQL Server Tables with Data
    • Transfer SQL Server Objects Task – Transfer SQL Server Table Structures without Data
    • Transfer SQL Server Objects Task – Transferring SQL Server Stored Procedures
    • Transfer SQL Server Objects Task – Transfer SQL Server User Defined Function
    • Transfer SQL Server Objects Task – Transferring SQL Server Views

Foreach loops

    • Looping over files
    • Looping over records
    • Other for each loops

Events, Errors and Logging

    • SSIS Package Events and Audits
    • Package Level Event Handling Options
    • SSIS Event Bubbling Escalations
    • SSIS Logging & Project Connections
    • Windows Event Logs and SSIS Jobs
    • SQL Server Logging and Audit Tables
    • Global Connections and Project Audits
    • Using SSIS Data Profile Viewer Task

SQL Server Import and Export Data Wizard

    • Export Data from SQL Server to Flat File Using Import and Export Data Wizard
    • Import Data from Flat File to SQL Server Using Import and Export Data Wizard
    • Export Data from SQL Server to Excel File Using Import and Export Data Wizard
    • Import Data from Excel File to SQL Server Using Import and Export Data Wizard

SSIS Project Deployments

    • SSIS Deployment and SSIS Catalog DB
    • SSIS Catalog Project Files and Options
    • Security – Logins, Users, SSIS Admin
    • SSIS Catalog Folders in SSISDB
    • Post Deployments & Connections
    • Package Configurations, Parameters
    • SSIS Package Validations, Reports
    • SSIS Package Scripts with T-SQL
    • Tuning Deployment and Configurations
    • SSIS Package Performance Reports


Introduction to SSRS

    • BIDS and Report Manager
    • Solutions and projects
    • The 4 main Visual Studio windows

Designing a Simple Report

    • Authoring a report
    • Using report items
    • Selecting and formatting report items
    • Number formats

Data sources and datasets

    • Shared data sources
    • Shared versus embedded datasets
    • Using Query Designer


    • Structure of a table
    • Formatting tables
    • Inserting rows
    • Interactive sorting
    • Repeating page headers

Grouping tables

    • Using the grouping panes
    • Row and column groups
    • Displaying subtotals
    • Outlining


    • Calculated fields
    • The Report Items collection
    • Using built-in fields
    • Conditional formatting using expressions

Pages and printing

    • Page headers and footers
    • Pagination between groups
    • Header and footer expressions


    • Using query parameters
    • Creating drop lists
    • Multi-value drop lists
    • Formatting using parameters


    • Creating indicators
    • Changing the symbols displayed
    • Stopping indicators stretching


    • Creating and formatting gauges
    • Gauge panels
    • Pointers, scales and ranges


    • Areas of a matrix
    • Sorting and grouping matrices
    • Creating and formatting subtotals


    • The areas of a chart
    • Creating charts
    • Formatting charts

Data bars and sparklines

    • Need for a grouped row
    • Creating data bars
    • Creating sparklines


    • Creating and formatting lists
    • Grouping using lists
    • Using rectangles in lists


      • Creating a child report
      • Creating the main report
      • Creating and formatting subreports

Deploying to Report Manager

          • Choosing a target folder
          • Ways to deploy reports

Using Report Manager

          • Using Report Manager
          • Creating folders
          • Moving and deleting reports


          • How subscriptions work
          • Creating a new subscription
          • Managing subscriptions


          • ESRI shapefiles / SQL spatial data
          • Linking to datasets
          • Map layers
          • Center points and point layers

Revision of expressions

          • Calculated fields
          • Using the expression builder
          • Worked examples of functions
          • Using extra .NET functions


          • Report variables
          • Group variables
          • A worked example

Embedding code

          • Report property coding
          • Using functions in expressions
          • Other ways to write code

Basic Custom Assemblies

          • Creating class libraries
          • Writing functions in VB or C#
          • Creating and publishing DLLs
          • Referencing functions

Examples of custom assemblies

          • Counting words
          • Alternating colours
          • Heat maps

Stored procedures in SSRS

          • Pros and cons
          • Server Explorer
          • Creating and editing procedures
          • Running and debugging

Parameters using Stored Procedures

          • Creating report parameters
          • Default and null values
          • Coping with empty reports

Dropdown parameters

          • Creating dropdown parameters
          • Linked dropdowns
          • Replacing SELECT A VALUE

Multivalue dropdowns

          • Creating using datasets
          • Creating using stored procedures
          • Replacing SELECT ALL
          • Displaying choices made

Customising reports

          • Editing RDL
          • Passing query string parameters
          • Customizing the parameter bar
          • Creating templates

Improving report navigation

          • Document maps
          • Using bookmarks

Linking reports (drilldown)

          • Linking to other reports
          • Drilldowns using charts
          • Linking to URLs

Dynamic reports

          • Dynamic datasets
          • Dynamic grouping,matrices